Location connecting social and marketing

Location-Based Social MarketingLocation-Based Social Marketing
For extreme introverts the great thing about social media is that you never have to see your connections in real life. But for people who like to actually interact with people face-to-face, as well as the businesses that seek to get people in a physical door, that can actually be a shortcoming. Location-aware social media can bridge that gap between the virtual and physical.
Location awareness is what distinguishes the Locye social media platform. It allows users to “observe social activity at real-time hotspots and places of interest worldwide” and to post content that those nearby can see. For those who don't want to give too much away, there is an option to post anonymously. Users can also select whether they want their posts kept up for just a day or for a virtual eternity. 
Locye's Founder and CEOSajjad Mustehsan, discussed the platform's potential for marketing with me. He said that it “will soon be offering business-to-consumer marketing capabilities” with three defining characteristics: