When you're happy, you do show it

 Targeted marketing works when it is done in the right place and at the right time. Getting the place right is increasingly feasible with today's location-aware technology. But getting the time right depends on knowing when a person is in the mood to receive the message.
That's the goal behind the Centiment, a machine learning startup that applies AI to analyzing the expression of emotion “to make advertising more ethical and efficient for everyone.” It does that by creating what it calls “thought-driven AI and Google for feelings.”
In a phone interview, Micah Brown, the company's CEO and founder, explained how this approach is a game-changer that makes ads more effective by taking cues from “moods rather than price and brand.” The ads are designed to fit with how the individuals in the target market “are feeling at the current time rather than what you think is best from them.” 
The mood assessment offers two strategic advantages for marketers. One is that it allows them to deliver ads to people while they are in that receptive mood. The other is that they can see the feelings particular ads generate in their target market.
 Here's a video of Centiment in Action:
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