Trailing the Tiger Trade

You can learn how stealth cameras work in the tiger exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. In at least one case, the picture recorded by the stealth cam   sealed the conviction for tiger poachers in Thailand last year.  Just like fingerprints, the patterns of tiger stripes are individually distinctive.  Consequently, the poacher’s picture proved that they did break the law. Thanks to the laws and enforcement that EIA works for, one was sentenced to four years and another to five, the longest such sentence yet for this sort of crime.  Read more about the efforts to save big cats with big data in

Trailing the Tiger Trade With Big Data

A cell phone image of one of the poachers posing with the dead tiger that led to their conviction. Photo courtesy of the WCS Thailand Program.

.The tiger from the cell phone images was identified as the same tiger captured by a camera trap image by WCS the year before, adding to the evidence against the poachers.

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