A Wakeup Call for the Industry

It's the stuff of nightmares. You're driving a car but can't control it. You try to brake, but it refuses to stop. That's the scenario that Andy Greenberg vividly described in his article, "Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It."
The article went viral and finally got the public's attention about what the pair of researchers behind it—Dr. Charlie Miller from Twitter security and Chris Valasek, director of the Vehicle Security Research—have been trying to get across for years....
The suit against Chrysler and Harman points out that Miller and Valasek had alerted the companies to the vulnerability ahead of time, so they knowingly passed on a potentially dangerous product to customers. The danger is not "unique" (as Harman put it) to Chrysler or even to infotainment systems.
Another publicized car hack hit the news last month. University of California computer security professor Stefan Savage's research team demonstrated a successful hack of a Corvette through SMS messages. You can see it at work in this brief video.

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